Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Travel Unencumbered

We set out on our first excursion in five years in a car.  For that prior period of time, we traveled by RV. 

Going here and there with our "house" behind us.  Never stayed in a motel.  Never stopped anywhere on a whim, any more than a long haul trucker would take an impulsive turn up a road without prior plans.  Seldom drove more than 200 miles in a day, and never at night, before hauling up to an RV spot to deploy slides and connect sewer and water and electricity. 

Always filled up the fuel tank because you cannot count on a big enough fuel station once you leave the safety of the interstates, and you're guzzling a gallon of fuel every ten miles.

Not surprisingly, we liked the automotive life.  Comfortable and quiet, the miles flying by at unfamiliar [high] rates of speed. 

Hahaha!  Fastest on the highway, rather than slowest.  Don't even pay attention to warning signs about grades and curves and runaway truck lanes.

A Motel with a shower as big as our former bathroom.  And restaurants where they cook and wash your dishes for you.

Oh.  Where did we go?  Who cares?!  We're normal people now!!



Tom and Donna Clapham said...

Damn......I didn't know FT rving was so bad!!! You musta hated it! You know it's not for everyone!!! Glad you are enjoying your new life..that's most important thing! rockin'

Terri and John Prather said...

Don't pay Tom any mind. When the day he and Donna come off the road, he will then be able to see where you are coming from rather than taking it as criticism of full-timing. We certainly see the compromises made to full-time when compared to being in sticks and bricks now that we have come over to the dark side ourselves lol. Glad you are enjoying yourselves.

Terri and John