Saturday, September 27, 2008

More about Hair

What’s new?

Jenna and her new Do.

Hoo hooo!

That's who.

Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Hair and the dog

Two events of some import this week in our tiny household.

1 Jenna decided to rid herself of her remaining hair. More “Snip Snip, Buzz Buzz.” Smooth smooth now now. Pictures to follow soon after new wig (!) in place. Wait wait!

2 Finding that Jenna is tolerating her treatment regime very well, we have moved ahead with acquiring a new no-shed dog. We considered many breeds. Looked at a Basenji last week – too active. We stayed the course for the Australian Terrier.

Many phone calls made yesterday to breeders across four states, as this breed is uncommon. One person said people only register 300 new dogs with AKC each year. Not many. We found a breeder in nearby Idaho with male puppies just three weeks old. We will see them in two weeks, after taking a nice drive through the western Cascades. Pictures coming soon also, when they no longer look like hamsters. Wait wait wait!

You might ask, “Why are you purchasing a dog from a breeder when so many dogs want for homes?” Well, you didn’t ask, so “Never mind.”


Tis true. We have taken in many unwanted and rescue dogs over years. Now our particular housing and health needs demand a finer choice. Besides, Jenna is getting older, and needs a calm companion to balance out her demanding younger husband.


Sunday, September 14, 2008

Lake Tyee pictures

Nothing special goin' on. Countin' the days till our departure.

Since I've talked so much about Lake Tyee, our RV home away from no place else, thought you might like to see some pictures from the place.

For more pics, click here:


Thursday, September 11, 2008

Looking back on our first year of fulltiming

One year ago, on September 14, 2007, we retired and hit the road. Three months prior, we had sold our house in Olympia WA. In September, we left our RV lot at Lake Tyee for new adventures. Now, 15,000 miles later, what do we think?

Over these past 12 months, we have met the unexpected and gone away with it.
  • Visited eight beautiful National Parks and camped next to an all night fuel station.
  • Spent a week at a hot springs desert resort near Palm Springs and three weeks with no utilities on the Arizona desert.
  • Endured weeks of repairs on our RV, and months of repairs to our own bodies.
  • Basked in the Arizona winter sun and fled from Kansas spring tornadoes.

Through it all, we met generous, kind, caring comrades in ten states of the Union.

Fulltiming is challenging, exciting, uncommon, exhausting, impossible to duplicate. We wouldn’t have it any other way.

Can’t wait for the next year. We’re ready to hit the road again.


Saturday, September 6, 2008

Cancer plans, travel plans, dogs plans

Wire services calling daily now, asking, “What’s the latest with you two?” And “Can you endure any more presidential politicking?”

And so we reveal.

Jenna continues in chemotherapy in Seattle for her lymphoma. Arrives at treatment with a sheet of questions. Gets answers. Back next week with a new set of questions.

Clinic entry door opens up. Nurses scatter. Ha ha! No, really, the care at this clinic – can’t beat it. Kind, compassionate, competent. Free snacks too!! Seven weeks till reevaluation.

When the rains resume, we will move back to Olympia, no later than mid-October. Stay there, visit with our friends, go to Seattle weekly. Endure the rain and wait to return to the AZ desert.

Trip to Mexico – prospects dim as the drug war escalates throughout the country. We can wait till next year.

One week now with no dog. We returned him to his breeder. Who immediately said that she will keep him as a pet. Happy days for all, as Denby grew up in her home, with occasional trips to waiting females. (What a stud!) We miss Denby, but are amazed at how much cleaner our home and truck and clothing and lungs look and feel.

As a substitute, we are looking for a new breed: smaller; doesn’t shed; intelligent; watch dog; not aggressive. Jenna thinks that I fit the bill already, other than height. I demur.

The winner so far – Australian Terrier. Uncommon, thus few breeders. But we are mobile. “Have travel, will dog.”

That is all.