Saturday, December 26, 2009

Clancy's Freedom Song

My hairless ape captors are holding me here, naked and shivering in the cold all the time.   While they wear many layers of clothing all over and sit on chairs!

Don't they understand the needs of an Australian Terrier?  I'm a political prisoner, held here for my Down Under beliefs.

Fellow Australians!  Strike out!!  To the barricades!!!  Sing out in unison!!!!

[To the tune of America the Beautiful]

Australia the beautiful,
Is warmer than right here.
They keep me on this cold cold floor,
And will not serve me beer.

Australia the warm warm place,
Has heat vents everywhere.
With blazing fires to lie before,
And jackets lined with hair.

Send coats and blankets!  And some imported New Zealand beer!!

Oh beautiful Australia,
Has warm sun all day thru,
No, wait, that's really Alaska,
No fires in igloos.

To tell the truth,
Was really born,
Right near west Idaho,
Have never seen a kangaroo,
Except on TV shows.

Oh beautiful Australia,
I feel you in my genes,
But I'm stuck here in this RV,
Australia's in my dreams.

America, America,
I guess I'll have to stay,
These hairless apes won't send me there,
The airfare they won't pay.

And I'm not a working dog.


Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Arrived at Tucson, AZ

Finally arrived in Tucson.  The Desert Trails RV Park looks very nice, with activities galore.  And tis true that we back right up to the Saguaro National Park, with hiking and biking trails almost to our campsite.  Christmas carolers offering cookies and hot chocolate.  This we like!

So we pull up to our campsite.  Knock on our neighbors' door to ask them to move their truck a little. 

Bark, bark, bark!  Up bounds Rusty, an adult Australian Terrier!!  So we spent the next 30 minutes trading funny stories about our dogs.  Same noises, same behaviors, same feistiness.  They jump and play and all is well in dog land.

Next day, while Bruce works on the slideout under the trailer, Rusty harasses him to play with a rock, just like you-know-who.

Later in the day, Bruce meets two different couples from Olympia, one of whom will shortly undergo the same knee surgery he had one year ago.  Plus another couple from nearby Shelton and others from WA.  All fleeing the same rain and cold, no doubt. 

No pictures yet.  Too windy today, ahead of a cold front approaching from CA.

Those #!* Californians are always doing this to us Arizonians.    When was the last time we sent a storm in their direction??  Never!!  They have it in for us, sure 'nough.  Just jealous 'cause their state is more broke than ours.  Ha ha!



Saturday, December 19, 2009

Back to The God Forsaken Desert for Solar Power

We returned to Imperial Dam to visit friends and get a solar panel installed on the roof of our trailer. 

We may return there for a week or two on our way north in the Spring.  For now, on to Tucson!  Plenty of sun and fun there.


Friday, December 18, 2009

Borrego Springs, CA

Spent an afternoon and night in Borrego Springs, CA.  A nice little berg in the middle of Anzo-Borrego State Park, the largest state park in the lower 48 states.  I mean BIG.  Mountains loomed in every direction around the town.

On the way down the STEEP CURVY road to town

We visited Russ and Dee, a couple we met at Lake Tyee, at the beginning of this adventure.  At that time, they gave us maps, brochures, and advice on places to go, many of which we have visited in the past two years.

Upon our arrival, the hydraulic mechanism that pushes out one of our large slides groaned and bent at an unseemly angle.  Which forced us to keep the slide in for several days.  Another hitch in our giddyup.  We plan to obtain a repair while in Tucson.


Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Jojoba Escapees RV Park

On Monday and Tuesday, we drove south from Park Sierra for two days to the Jojoba Escapees RV Park, east of Los Angeles and six miles south of Palomar Observatory.

This is the "crown jewel" of the Escapees park system and by far the most costly to join.  A beautiful facility built on the side of a hill,  with nice views of the nearby Temecula Creek canyon hills and valley.  Mabye the only SKP park with a (fancy) pool and hot tubs. 

Nice people here...very welcoming.  We may return here in the future.

Two days here and we turn south and east tomorrow. 


Friday, December 11, 2009

On the Road Again - Not

We had intended to hit the highway today, after 2.5 months at Park Sierra.  But two big winter storms in our path convinced us to wait two more days till Sunday.

Our plans - meander down thru southern CA and southern AZ to Tucson for two months.  More cacti and tostadas, I reckon.

Along the way, we may visit another Escapee RV park, this one in the south western corner of CA (and the continental US).  A day and night at Borrego Springs, CA, reputedly a beautiful desert area, where some friends reside.

Then on to Imperial Dam, site of our ten week dry camping adventure last winter.  This time we will stay only two nights, to see friends there and get a solar panel installed on our trailer for emergency power.

Those are our plans. 
- Man proposes.
- God disposes. 
- Fingers in noses.


Sunday, December 6, 2009

Now Winter Has a Say in our Itinerary

Bruce managed to fix the furnace and water pump.  Refrigerator next, but not critical.  But predictions of two winter storms along the entire west coast in the next few days has given us pause.  We'll wait till it all blows over.

We enjoyed our visit with friends Steve and Sandy.  We took a jaunt up to Yosemite National Park.  And attended a tree trimming community dinner.  Today, they made a run for it in their motorhome, ahead of the first storm.


Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Got the Blues

We had hoped to turn south in a few days, after a visit from our friends Steve and Sandy from Lake Tyee.  But an assessment of our state of readiness finds us wanting...fully functioning utilities for dry camping.  So we remain awaiting parts and installation, likely for another 7-10 days.  Nice place to wait, so we don't care.

But still, it put me in the mood of the blues.  Who better inspiration than Janis herself.  And so a riff on Me and Bobby McGee

Busted flat in Park Sierra,
  Waitin for a water pump...and a furnace and a refrigerator door,
Seeing water flowing in my dreams,
  Jenna drove our diesel down to Fresno for a bite,
Stopped for barbeque ham and pork and beans.

We pulled out our computers for a little surfin' time,
  Playin' solitare while Jenna read the news,
Clancy chewing softly on the cables while we snoozed,
  He ate every sock and shoe we use.

Freedom's just another word for waiting for repairs,
  Waiting for a bill, it sure ain't free,
Feeling good is easy when you have some heat and lights,
  Feeling good is good enough you see,
Good enough for Clancy, Jenna, and me.

Which reminds me of Martin Mull's Middle Class Blues.  He learned the blues from his uncle, who was so middle class that they called him Blind Lemon Pledge.

Starts out
        I woke up this afternoon
        and I saw both cars were gone
        I felt so low-down deep inside
        I threw my drink across the lawn

And so forth.


Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Movin' Up by Movin Down

A few days ago, we moved down the hill, to our new, likely permanent, lot here in Park Sierra.  A beautiful setting on the edge of the park...quiet, private, serene. 

In case you're trying to find us, click here for a map from our old site to the new one.  Ha ha - just because I can.

Views from our patio.

Plus we're filling a shed of our own, where we can store some stuff we've carried around for 2+ years, only using it part of the year.  All is well.

We figure to spend Spring and Fall here.  Winters ain't too bad, but we prefer to travel south into the desert.  Summers - ooof, another matter.  Most people leave for cooler climes.  We still hope to visit Alaska in Summer 2010.


Sunday, November 15, 2009

On the Subject of Gifts

Thoughtful readers have inquired about our recent posts, seeking clarification about solicitations for gifts for various events in our lives.

Definition of terms
Our meaning us specifically.  Not the royal Our, or even the democratic Our.  [Certainly not the Republican Our.  That would be Them.]   Us - Bruce, Jenna, and Clancy.  Not you.  Let's move on then.

Events meaning any action or circumstance in the aforementioned our lives that would suggest some demonstration of appreciation or admiration.  When in doubt, go with a positive affirmation of said admiration.

Gifts meaning something of value to us.  Again, if uncertain, double down.

"Bruce," these readers write, using the correct form of the name Bruce, "How should we think of your blatant requests for gifts?"
1 As an opportunity to practice generosity?
2 As your way of allowing us to show you how we feel about the product of your creative process?
3 As a crass call for material wealth in the midst of so much suffering?

"What should we think?"

Answer - "Say what?"

Look, just give till it hurts (you), back off a bit, then give the rest.  Knowing that it hurts you [a lot] more than it hurts us [not at all].   Like a sadistic dentist.  Or like George W when he realized there were no more Presidential elections to steal.  Like that.

I hope this clears things up.  Future inquiries on this topic must be accompanied by gifts.

"Gifts.  Not required.  Just expected."


PS Jenna does not approve of these gift solicitations.  But she wears that huge cocktail ring all the time.

Sunday, November 8, 2009

Too Sick For a Life. Clancy's Turn

We both been sick with a cold virus for a week now. Stuck in the RV with nothing to write about, unless you want to hear about our double pane windows.

Should mention tho that Jenna received a clean bill of health from her six month lymphoma scan. One less thing to worry about.

The literary show must go on. So another Ballad for Clancy, to a familiar tune.

How Much Is that Doggie in the RV?
How much is that doggie in the RV?
How much is that doggie today?
How much is that doggie in the RV?
And why would you sell him away?

He chews on my coats all thru the Winter,
He chews on my sandals in Fall,
He chews on my shirts thruout the Summer,
He chews on my shoes in the hall.

He barks at a noise come through the window,
He hears dogs even way down the road,
He whines to go outside every hour,
Then plays with the plastic lawn toad.

You say he chews up all your clothing,
And eats tissues all through the day,
He looks so cute now when he's sleeping,
I don't believe half what you say.

Ooo, he woke up because we're talking 'bout him,
He's jumping and leaping for joy,
He's grabbed my purse and run 'neath the table,
And chewed it up like a plush toy.

How much is that doggie in the RV?
How much is that doggie today?
I see why that doggie's in the RV.
Good luck even giving him away.

Based on a true story.


Monday, November 2, 2009


It's our new-to-us Neighborhood Electric Vehicle. Really. Check this link. NEV

All the POS elite,
Meet on the street,
It's really neat,
And Oh So Sweet.

I'll stop now.

Anyway, it's not a golf cart. Geezers drive golf carts.

We don't play golf.

It's an NEV. Courtesy of an ambitious ardent reader who had fallen behind on three gifts.

No, not really.

Four gifts.


Sunday, October 25, 2009

Two Year Blog Anniversary

Two years now since starting this blog in October, 2007. Time to look back a bit.

We sold our house and moved into our trailer in July, 2007. I worked for two more months, to qualify for a small pension. We hit the road in mid-September.

Since then, we have traveled down and up the west coast twice, from northwestern WA to the Mexican border. As far east as Kansas. Seen about 15 national parks and numerous state parks, including a three month stint this past summer as park hosts in Fort Stevens State Park, OR.

Now we are considering a trip to Alaska this coming summer. You heard it first here (where else?).

More importantly, we have met many wonderful people whereever we've traveled. We have friends in states we have not even seen. And we just joined a community of like-minded folks here at Park Sierra, north of Fresno, CA. We expect to spend Spring and Fall here, and travel Winter and Summer as as long as we can.

And then there is Clancy, the wonder dog. Energetic, stubborn, feisty...a typical terrier. Thirteen months old now, starting his adolescence. He's calming down, actually he just sleeps more.

Do we harbor regrets on selling our house for this life on the road? None. Other than regular head smacks in this low ceiling abode. A small price….

Regrets about retiring at age 59 and 62? Ha ha ha…snicker…chuckle…no...chortle.

All is well. On to Tucson in December!


Friday, October 16, 2009

Another Gift Advisory

An ardent-aspiring reader has asked about the requirement...oops...propriety of offering another gift if we move to a new lot.

We like these kind of questions.

We didn't want to appear too crass (yet) by expecting...oops...suggesting new gifts so soon after the last load.

But we will.

Don't worry. Since you exhausted the prior gift registries, we will seek new ones for you to use.

And Clancy says, "Thanks!" for the diamond encrusted poop scooper. He the BIG DOG now at the dog park now. You have made a little dog so very happy. For the moment.


Thursday, October 15, 2009

A Little Lot Will Do Ya

Not so much to tell here in Park Sierra. We continue to meet people here and learn more about the community.

We attended the annual member meeting today. It was surprisingly civil, with articulate discussions about pressing issues. Some usual differences of opinions, but without name calling or displays of firearms. Very nice.

We like our new RV lot well enough, but have started looking around for one more to our liking. We are actually close to obtaining a very nice, private lot on the edge of the community. Here's a view from what would be our patio.

We should know more in a week or so.


Sunday, October 4, 2009

An Editorial Response

In an emailed comment, our sole self-described "ardent reader," others qualifying only for the condition of "inardent," intends to send us a housewarming gift, thus assuring continuing ardent status. However, said reader feels confused about whether we maintain one or two abodes. Something about a casita in addition to our mobile dwelling.

In point of fact, we have no casita (today, hey!). We live only in our fifth wheel trailer. Now we have an RV lot again, plus a shed. But even that shed claims no Spanish heritage, so do not be misled.

No, readers can feel assured that all lot warming gifts will stay in just one place, which they can visit in the future when they bring over additional gifts.

Gifts - It's the right thing to do.


Thursday, October 1, 2009

A Lot of Our Own

Long time readers, i.e. those with more patience than good taste, know that we have waited almost two years now to join the Park of the Sierras, an Escapee RV Park north of Fresno, CA. We have finally risen to the top of the list and joined the cooperative. Huzzah!

If you are in the neighborhood, we are currently occupying lot 417. Please stop by with a lot warming gift. Or mail it.

Wondering what to get us? You can find us on one of the following registries
**Tiffanys, the Camping Section**
**Home Depot**

Thank you so much for your generosity. You may include your email address for an automated heartfelt reply. Or not.


Monday, September 28, 2009

Loleta and Fortuna, CA

South of Eureka, CA, we found two memorable places:

* The Loleta Cheese Factory. Nice cheese, sensibly priced. Like a (very) small town Tillamook,
for you Northwesterners.

* In Fortuna, The Kinetic Sculpture Museum. Now here's a place devoted to whimsy. In May, the locals hold the longest human powered sculpture race in the world.

A few of the racing machines.

2009 marked the 41th run. The race has evolved from a short street course to 42 miles of sand, water, pavement, hills, more water, roads and freeways from Arcata to Ferndale. Check out the race rules on that web site above for a sense of the insanity involved.


Saturday, September 26, 2009

Samoa Cookhouse near Eureka, CA

Today we ate at the famous Samoa Cookhouse, on a seaside peninsula west of Eureka, CA. Ed, our brother-in-law and husband of Pat, Jenna's sister on her parents' side, a blood born social working nurse married to an airliner who flies the country in search of distant home cooked meals he never forgets I lost the thread.

Eureka, I found it! Ed has traveled to Eureka and will instantly mention the Samoa Cafe. He still whispers the name occasionally in his sleep, tho less often over the years, much to Pat's relief. We hope he won't regress after seeing these photos. But a picture is worth a thousand red potatoes.

Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Ashland, OR

We spent a week in Ashland, Oregon. South Oregon sure is beautiful, with rolling hills and valleys, normally temperate weather, and a buncha culture.

Exhibit number one for the latter - The Oregon Shakespeare Festival. Founded in 1935, the Tony Award-winning Oregon Shakespeare Festival (OSF) ranks among the oldest and largest professional non-profit theatre companies in the nation. Three modern theatres inhabited by a superb troupe, perform Shakespeare plays, other classics, and modern works. One of the theatres is designed as an Elizabethan Stage, with 1,200 seats. In addition, we found other theatre companies and a town with shops named on Elizabethan and Shakesperean themes.

We attended four productions in seven days.
1 Glengarry Glen Ross at the Oregon Stage Works, written by David Mamet.
2 What’s Going On, at the Oregon Cabaret Theatre, a 70s music review.

And finally two superb productions at OSF:
3 Don Quixote, an imaginative presentation of the Spanish classic written in 1605/1615. Over the top stage craft, including rolling toy ducks, stylized sheep, noble steed Rocinante comprised of actors playing his front and rear quarters. A child's tricycle made up as squire Sancho Panza's donkey. Wonderful.
4 Paradise Lost, written in 1935 about the impact of the Great Depression on an extended Jewish family in the Bronx. Poignant in its own right, with meaningful performances and pithy dialogue, it holds greater meaning now in the midst of the greatest economic setback since that time. So sad to see how little has changed.

We hope to return each Spring to see new productions.

We also enjoyed the Emigrant Lake RV park, a county facility just outside of town. This picture says it all.

More about this week in the next posts.


Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Jacksonville, Oregon

During our final day in the Ashland area, we took ourselves over to nearby Jacksonville. This quaint village, formerly an 1850s gold rush town, hosts the Britt Music Festival each summer in a naturally formed outdoor amphitheater. Very nice.

See da deer?
Maybe doubleclick pic to see it.

But more importantly, we found MacLevin's, a pretty good Jewish delicatessen. Enough already with the fake delis selling sliced turkey, watches, and gasoline. This was the real deal, with fine corned beef and egg cream sodas. A good time was had by all.


Monday, September 21, 2009

Crater Lake National Park

During our week staying in Ashland, we drove two hours north to Crater Lake National Park. Even tho we lived in WA for 15 years, we never made the 700 mile round trip to this natural wonder.

A few days ago, we remedied that mistake. Count us as the latest visitors surprised by the bright blue lake, made so by the pure and deep water within. Formed 7,700 years ago, before the Internet, the 12,000 foot tall volcano collapsed during a major eruption and formed a 4.5 to 6 mile wide caldera. Rainwater and runoff fill the opening, creating the purest large body of water in the world. The park contains old growth forests and wildlife.

Like many major national parks, this one includes a lovely lodge, offering rooms and fine dining. We partook of the latter. Hope to spend more time in this park in the future.


Saturday, September 19, 2009


In the past few months, Clancy has shown a determined interest to ingest inedible objects
1 Tissues
2 Paper towels
3 Stones of all shapes and sizes
4 Twist ties! (Close one.)
5 Steel wool!! (Pulled out of his throat.)
6 A fishing lure with two treble hooks!!! (Pulled it out of his mouth.)

Today, while on a walk, he removed a sock from a neighbor's sneaker. Swallowed it with determination but no relish.

Two hours later, a local vet put some medication in his (Clancy's) eye to induce vomiting. Out came the correct sock.

Nicely clean matching sock, held by nice neighbor.

Neighbor sock after Clancy treatment.

Crisis over...for now.

We have given Clancy a middle name: "Hoover."

Still taking offers on a one year old Australian Terrier. Nick name - "Hoover." We will pay shipping. Actually, we will pay you to take him.


Friday, September 18, 2009

Evidence of The Existance of God

We don't shop at Walmart.

We never shop at Walmart.

The WalMart You Don't Know web site
Don't Shop Walmart web site
Walmart is the Spawn of the Devil/Dick Cheney web site

No Walmart. Period.

Except this once. Tried in vain to find another source for the Consumer Reports Best Buy TV. (Yeah, we're finally buying a TV. We have dipped our toes back into the cesspool of popular culture. Was that too harsh?)

Back to Walmart. :< Reluctantly stopped at Walmart in Talent, Oregon to purchase said TV. I wear my shades and trench-coat, in 90 degree temperature. Jenna dresses all in black. Johnny Cash did not shop at Walmart.

Clerk goes back to the stock room for a new TV.

Bam, the lights go out! No electricity!! Can't buy a TV...or anything. (Boy, that gallon jar of pickles sure looked good.)

The staff herded us to the front of the store. And out to the street.

We depart Purgatory unsated.

But we went back. This time, the store burst into flames.

Ha ha! No. We turned to salt.


Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Grants Pass, Oregon

We stopped for two night in Grants Pass, on our way to Ashland. We had heard from several people about the wonderful community there. We also spent an evening with a couple we met at Fort Stevens, fellow park hosts.

So we go to the Chamber of Commerce for information on the town and surrounding environs, expecting glowing reports of harmony and comity. Glance at the local newspaper. "...five of the eight members of the Grants Pass City Council have been recalled." As in voted out of office prematurely. Just folks, I reckon.

We spent two nights at beautiful Josephine Schroeder County Park on the edge of town. Tall trees, well kept, good utilities. Tho we were forced to move to a new site the second day because the host had not posted the upcoming site reservations. Maybe one of those unemployed council members could do a better job.


Tuesday, September 15, 2009


One last wistful walk on the beach.

One last night lulled to sleep by the roaring ocean.

One last time prying Clancy off a seabird carcass.

Tomorrow we hitch up and head south and east, saying farewell to the Pacific for nine months. First stop - Grants Pass, Oregon, reportedly a nice community. Then a week in Ashland, Oregon, home of several theatre companies.

We have already made plans to return to the Oregon coast next year. July and August as Fort Stevens hosts again. June hosting at Alfred A. Loeb State Park, a river front Oregon state east of Brookings, just north of the California border.

Coupla last pics of the coast.



PS We are now thinking about spending the winter in Tucson, rather than Yuma. Tucson is a more cosmopolitan area, and the desert is greener.

Thursday, September 10, 2009

Agness, Oregon

Jenna wanted to see Agness, Oregon, a little hamlet on the Rogue River. Nice advertisement in a local brochure. Sure!

So, a few days ago, we set off to see Agness. Take a nice 35 mile drive along the river. Two companies run jet boat tours up the river, one stopping at the Lucas Lodge in Agness for fried chicken that can't be beat. Good enough for us!

Did I mention the fried chicken? Never hurts to check.

Oooh, very narrow roads, drop offs, ruts, ruts, ruts.

But don't forget the fried chicken. OK!We get to the turnoff for Agness. The roads narrow further, seldom two full lanes, sometimes only one, no lines at all. Wouldn't wanna drive this at night, even for fried chicken.

The Lucas Lodge was just beautiful, an old but nicely kept property with down home folks about. Not so many now after the season.
"You want lunch? We just finished serving lunch. Did you call?"

"But we have some cold chicken in the refrigerator I can serve you." Seeing NOTHING else about, we agreed.

We waits about 15 minutes. Enjoys some fresh sweet corn and bread and lemondade.

Waitress finally appears with a cold cut sandwich. "Sorry, we don't have leftovers after all."

A cold cut sandwich. For the two of us. Not even a chicken sandwich.

Did I mention the fried chicken? Never hurts to check. Should have.

People starving all over the world. We appreciate. Tho....

Then we drive back down the very narrow roads, drop offs and ruts.

So we come to an understanding, Jenna and I. For the next year, Jenna will say nothing about any boner Netflix movies I might rent. She forgets? I just say, "Agness."

Sure do like movies by that Paris Hilton. Now there's a fried chicken!


Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Irelands Ocean RV Park at Gold Beach, OR

After three easy days of driving down the Oregon coast, we have returned to Gold Beach.
We plan to spend two weeks on the beach before turning inland.

I know, I know, you're saying, "Better you than us."

We agree!



Monday, August 31, 2009

Heading South for the Winter

Today we departed Fort Stevens State Park and Astoria, OR, following our three month volunteer gig. Much fun, enjoyed living at this beautiful park. But, time to move on.

We covered 120 miles south on highway 101 along the coast. Beautiful as always. The sun appeared for the day as soon as we left Fort Stevens.

Tonight we have encamped at Coyote Rock RV Park and Marina, just south of Lincoln City. A beautiful site (we're happy tonight) along the Siletz River. We have a lovely water view, as you can see here.
Would consider extending our stay here a few days. But we've established an itinerary for the next few weeks, culminating in aforementioned theater performances in Ashland. We have obligations!


Thursday, August 27, 2009

Bow Wow!

Dear Humans,

Remember my recent post about my budding modeling career? Already finished my first shoot.
Like all hip products, this coffee has a web site. Hey, when do I get my own site?

Tell you what. I admit that I'm no border collie. I live on my looks. Like Lassie. So I'm looking for ideas for my web site name. All I can think of is, which my agent turned down. She won't work for 10% of dog biscuits.

So you send me ideas for a web site name. Just add a Comment on this blog.
*First prize - you appear in my next photo shoot, feeding me cookies.
*Second prize - you feed me cookies.
Heck, you win Second Prize just for showing up!

Just goes to show that you can't keep a good terrier down...cause we bite!


Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Last Week at Fort Stevens

Wrapping up our time at Fort Stevens. Just a few days afore we hit the road again. While we have certainly enjoyed our time here, we're itchin' to travel again.

Our loose itinerary
1 Two weeks in Gold Beach, OR, living next to the beach.
2 Grants Pass, OR. Heard it's a nice community.
3 Ashland, OR. Home of several theatre companies, including the well known OR Shakespeare Festival. We ordered four sets of tickets for three of the theatre companies.
4 California Redwoods again.
5 Park of the Sierras, where we hope to purchase a site. We've reached number 8 on the waiting list. We might secure a lot during our time there.
6 Yuma, AZ for a couple of winter months.

A song for our duties
[Sung to Casey Jones by the Grateful Dead]

Drivin' the wood
Hosts really should
Brucie Brod you better
Watch your speed

Children ahead
Big trucks behind
And you know I realize
I just lost my mind.

The Real Dead Song


Thursday, August 20, 2009

Clancy's New Best Friend

Jenna's older brother Walt visited us from Las Cruces, New Mexico these past few days. We toured the local sights, including the start of the Washington International Kite Festival in Long Beach, WA.

We had stayed with Walt in April during Jenna's week long hospital stay in Las Cruces. Clancy started out on the wrong...ummm...(near his rear) foot, immediately upon entering Walt's white carpeted living room. Ever the gracious host, Walt allowed Clancy to live, no doubt remembering the times he tortured Jenna mercilessly as a child.

This time, on his own turf, Clancy played the consummate host, ingratiating himself completely.

Evidence below.

Peace to all creatures, great and small.


Friday, August 14, 2009

The Canine Point of View

Clancy here.

Living with humans can be quite trying. They act so controlling. Like they don't piss in the house...right.

And their pride about all that clothing they wear. But will they let me chew some of it? Yeah, see prior statement about "control."

Don't have my own email address. Don't have my own blog. Couldn't use the computer until now, cause they wouldn't teach me to type. But I'm a terrier, so I know all about using a mouse. Ha ha!

Well, I fixed 'em. (I wish!) I've launched my own modeling career. See the first page of this local magazine. Bow Wow News

Looking for my own agent now. But remember, I'm nobody's bitch.

Humans. Can't live with 'em. Can't spay 'em.


Monday, August 10, 2009

Good news from the CT scan

The Good News
No lung cancer found. Lung nodule shrinking. Lung nodule came from the valley fever fungal infection. I breathe easier now.

The Bad News
They couldn't find my brain or heart either. Kinda funny to discover such a deficit at this point in my life, tho friends and cynics might say it explains a lot. But no matter now.

Doctor said I should consider a career in politics. Given my unique combination of weaknesses, I could choose from either the Democratic or Republican parties. Doctor wouldn't say which missing organ corresponded with which party.

More on this in 2012.


Thursday, August 6, 2009

Clancy, Clancy, Clancy. (Who else?)

Not much goin' on hereabouts.

1 Selling wood.
2 Waiting to see Bruce's doctor on Monday for a clean bill of health.

Tho Bruce did have the following conversation with a camper. [We fill in two days for the regular delivery.]

Customer, "You're not the normal woodman."
Bruce, "How did you make such a quick psychiatric diagnosis?"

With nothin else to say, and that was surely nothin, Clancy gets top billing. And a new song.

[Sung to "Home on the Range."]
Oh give me a dog,
--Who's as dumb as a log,
And I'll have an easier time.
--And seldom you'll hear,
From my lips to his ears,
--"Hey you, put down that wallet of mine!"

And use your "inside bark" too!!


Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Columbia River Maritime Museum

My good friend Robert from Olympia is visiting us for a few days. A chance for us to catch up, and for him to escape the unusual oppressive heat in Oly.

Today we visited the Columbia River Maritime Museum in Astoria. This is a wonderful museum documenting the history of the Columbia river basin, known as the Graveyard of the Pacific for the many ships that have sunk there at the confluence of the mighty Columbia River and the Pacific Ocean, both powerful and stubborn waters.

Afterwards, we fished off the dock. I managed to catch us some dinner.


Sunday, July 26, 2009

Old Age Wiener Song

Astute news hawks no doubt snagged this story in the New York Times.
Wienermobile Finds Itself in Another Pickle

Which reminds me of a little ditty I wrote. Sung know

Oh I'm glad I am an AARP senior,
That is what I truly like to be,
Cause since I am an AARP senior,
Everyone will give discounts to me.

Travel broadens the mind.


Tuesday, July 21, 2009

For Jimi

I have only one burning desire,
Let me stand next to your fire.

The Song