Thursday, April 29, 2010

Technical Hell Once More

This past week, I've worked on a computer project here at Park Sierra.  Converting an old TV announcement program to a PC based system, to make it look like a Powerpoint slide show.

After discovering that the old computer we chose did not work so well, I purchased a new one.  And spent all day today setting it up. 

Upon finally returning home, I felt inspired to write this song.  To the tune of I've Been Working on the Railroad.  And dedicated to my friend Robert, who spends his days in such toil.  I feel his pain.

I've been working on computers,
All the live long day.
I've been working on computers,
And the time just passed away.

Can't you see the Windows loading,
Starts up, then locks up on the screen.
Can't you hear the user groaning,
"I lost my work.  I feel I'm gonna scream."

Working on PCs,
Working on PCs,
Working on them 
Night and da-a-ay,
Working on PCs,
Working on PCs,
Maybe they will work,
If I pray.

I've been working on Win7,
Looking for the things I used to know,

(In Vista and XP.)
I've been working on the Linux too,

Window doesn't like it,
Oh no no.

Can't you see the Windows loading,
Starts up, then locks up on the screen.
Can't you hear the techies groaning,
"I lost my work.  I feel I'm gonna scream."

And I'm going back for more tomorrow.


Thursday, April 22, 2010

Delay in Alaska Plans

Look through this blog and you will see several delays in our travel plans.  Which is why we don't feel attached to our plans.

Another instance now.  Jenna began treatment for knee pain today.  She needs two more weekly shots.  Thus we will hold our departure till about May 13.  Hope to cross the border on about May 21 or 22, about one week later than we hoped.  No big deal.

Gives me more time to complete the lyrics to "Song to Alaska."

In the mean time, I make acting debut at Park Sierra this week in our annual play for Stagecoach Daze.  I co-star as Count Frisque in Penelope, Pride of the Pickle Factory.  Run a Google search and you will find it as a children's production.  No doubt we will offer a mature interpretation to this timeless work.

Look for autographed playbills on


Thursday, April 15, 2010

Alaska Soon

We are still a Go to depart for Alaska at the end of this month. 

Close call yesterday tho.  For the past few weeks, I knew of a broken bolt at the opening for a slide.  So I called the dealer who replaced the prior bolt one month ago.  He did not know how to fix it.  I had visions of turning right as we left Park Sierra, for the factory in Kansas.

But subsequent reading about this problem convinced me that we can get it fixed on our way Alaska.

Our plans
-Stop at Ashland, OR.  Take in a few play.
-Stop at Eugene, OR to repair the trailer.
-Also in Eugene, get an inverter installed in our electrical system, so we can use household appliances on our 12 volt house batteries.
-Stop at Olympia, WA to visit friends from our prior fixed address.   Jenna's sister too.
-Stop in Burlington, WA to visit RV friends.
-Stop at the Canadian border in mid-May, weather permitting.
-Stop in Alaska.

To the Last Frontier.
For the Trip of a Lifetime.
To Nirvana in the Tundra (hey, I should copyright that last one).


Friday, April 2, 2010

No CA in CA

The results are in. Good news! No cancer in the nether regions of my personal space!! (And you don't want to know how I know. Two words - nether regions.)

Quite a surprise, since I qualified as "high risk," based on the medical research on prostate cancer first published in the previous blog post. As well as high risk for breast cancer.

Without the complication of such treatment, we can move forward on our plans for spending this summer in Alaska!