Sunday, October 25, 2009

Two Year Blog Anniversary

Two years now since starting this blog in October, 2007. Time to look back a bit.

We sold our house and moved into our trailer in July, 2007. I worked for two more months, to qualify for a small pension. We hit the road in mid-September.

Since then, we have traveled down and up the west coast twice, from northwestern WA to the Mexican border. As far east as Kansas. Seen about 15 national parks and numerous state parks, including a three month stint this past summer as park hosts in Fort Stevens State Park, OR.

Now we are considering a trip to Alaska this coming summer. You heard it first here (where else?).

More importantly, we have met many wonderful people whereever we've traveled. We have friends in states we have not even seen. And we just joined a community of like-minded folks here at Park Sierra, north of Fresno, CA. We expect to spend Spring and Fall here, and travel Winter and Summer as as long as we can.

And then there is Clancy, the wonder dog. Energetic, stubborn, feisty...a typical terrier. Thirteen months old now, starting his adolescence. He's calming down, actually he just sleeps more.

Do we harbor regrets on selling our house for this life on the road? None. Other than regular head smacks in this low ceiling abode. A small price….

Regrets about retiring at age 59 and 62? Ha ha ha…snicker…chuckle…no...chortle.

All is well. On to Tucson in December!


Friday, October 16, 2009

Another Gift Advisory

An ardent-aspiring reader has asked about the requirement...oops...propriety of offering another gift if we move to a new lot.

We like these kind of questions.

We didn't want to appear too crass (yet) by expecting...oops...suggesting new gifts so soon after the last load.

But we will.

Don't worry. Since you exhausted the prior gift registries, we will seek new ones for you to use.

And Clancy says, "Thanks!" for the diamond encrusted poop scooper. He the BIG DOG now at the dog park now. You have made a little dog so very happy. For the moment.


Thursday, October 15, 2009

A Little Lot Will Do Ya

Not so much to tell here in Park Sierra. We continue to meet people here and learn more about the community.

We attended the annual member meeting today. It was surprisingly civil, with articulate discussions about pressing issues. Some usual differences of opinions, but without name calling or displays of firearms. Very nice.

We like our new RV lot well enough, but have started looking around for one more to our liking. We are actually close to obtaining a very nice, private lot on the edge of the community. Here's a view from what would be our patio.

We should know more in a week or so.


Sunday, October 4, 2009

An Editorial Response

In an emailed comment, our sole self-described "ardent reader," others qualifying only for the condition of "inardent," intends to send us a housewarming gift, thus assuring continuing ardent status. However, said reader feels confused about whether we maintain one or two abodes. Something about a casita in addition to our mobile dwelling.

In point of fact, we have no casita (today, hey!). We live only in our fifth wheel trailer. Now we have an RV lot again, plus a shed. But even that shed claims no Spanish heritage, so do not be misled.

No, readers can feel assured that all lot warming gifts will stay in just one place, which they can visit in the future when they bring over additional gifts.

Gifts - It's the right thing to do.


Thursday, October 1, 2009

A Lot of Our Own

Long time readers, i.e. those with more patience than good taste, know that we have waited almost two years now to join the Park of the Sierras, an Escapee RV Park north of Fresno, CA. We have finally risen to the top of the list and joined the cooperative. Huzzah!

If you are in the neighborhood, we are currently occupying lot 417. Please stop by with a lot warming gift. Or mail it.

Wondering what to get us? You can find us on one of the following registries
**Tiffanys, the Camping Section**
**Home Depot**

Thank you so much for your generosity. You may include your email address for an automated heartfelt reply. Or not.