Friday, February 26, 2010

The Further Misadventures

From Tucson, we drove to Imperial Dam, the GFD, to see friends from last year's ten week stay there.  And for the solar installer guy to put in an inverter for our solar system. 

He's got the whole solar system,
   In his hands.

An inverter changes 12 volt power from the solar panel to 120 volt power, the kind you pay the power company to send to your normal house.  As opposed to a converter, which changes 120 volt power in an RV park or from a generator to 12 volt power for lights and other stuff in an RV.  An inverter inverts 12 volt power.  A converter converts 120 volt power.  Got it?  Now say it three times fast!

Inverter installation did not go well.  Left without an inverter.  In the mean time, I noticed a problem with the slide repair from a month ago.  A big problem.

And so we find ourselves back in Apache Junction, waiting....

The Poet wrote that "All things come to he who waits."  Apparently he did not own an RV.


Friday, February 19, 2010


This story has a happy ending.

Regular readers of this blog, "regular" holding a different connotation to typical retired men and women, referring to certain internal lower plumbing functions best left unsaid but still subject to allusion, if you know what I mean and you certainly do now about the word "regular"...where were we...typical retired men and women sometimes rambling on and on about different topics, wandering further and further from the path on which they set out, until they find themselves without an audience, talking to themselves, leading others to doubt their upper capacities....

Have I mentioned this before?

Now then.  Regular readers of this irregular blog know that Jenna and I live in an RV and that RV stands for "recreational vehicle."  Nowhere in that description does one find the word "furniture," with good reason.  One cannot find furniture in an RV.  Instead one uses objects on which one can sit and lie without comfort or hope of reaching some outer peace.

Our RV is thus typical.  In two years, we have replaced the bed, two of four kitchen chairs, and two recliners.  Only our sofa left.

You can see where this is going.  I believe that I can too.

Sofa presented a special challenge.  It makes into a somewhat comfortable single bed.  And provides a lot of food storage underneath the cushions.  Adequate Storage is the Holy Grail in an RV.  But then, so is comfort.

The promise of new chairs provided the motivation for Jenna to find new places for our edible commodities.   Space where space did not exist prior!

Found ourselves, finally, in a LazyBoy store.  Among other "regular" customers.  And found our chairs.

Posted an advertisement in the Free Section of the local Craigs list.  Twenty minutes later - sold!  We spent over an hour taking the couch apart to move it out.  MANY screws and bolts.  I'm glad I won't try to put it back together.


 Lazy RVers and Lazboys.

Lazy Too

PS We leave Tucson tomorrow for parts west and north.  Stay tuned if you have nothing better to do.

Saturday, February 13, 2010

Spam Alert!

We have achieved a new level of fame for this blog.  We are now receiving porn spam emails.
Click here  to see some of the comments.

Sadly, Bruce is over 60 and has seen it all [well, maybe not this stuff.  But he has a vivid imagination].  Clancy lacks the capacity and drive to respond to such offers in a fruitful manner.  Jenna doesn't swing that way.

One wonders why Japanese spammers would focus attention on this blog.  Why would we pay international shipping rates?  And we carry no yen for Yen.

To those who will still strive to tempt us, thanks for your interest.  Now cut it out!


Thursday, February 4, 2010

Tucson Highlights

Yet another confused reader has demanded a new post.  Apparently he did not learn or read the last entry, Twitter Blog, to realize that our lives do not always rise to the occasion of frequent comment.  Alas for you.

In the past two weeks, we have toured the town of Tucson, taking in sights wondrous and mundane.  To wit, the most interesting:
** Pima Air and Space Museum.  If you like airplanes, gotta go here!  I've visited many such museums over the years, but never have seen the number and variety of this collection.  Two exhibits actually:
1 The Museum contains over 300 airplanes and space vehicles from the US and abroad and historical displays;
2 The 309th Aerospace Maintenance and Regeneration Group (AMARG) , also known as the "Boneyard," seen via bus tour, where they store and restore military aircraft for reuse, parts, or museum display.  The pictures here give you only a hint of the two collections.  Click here for pictures

**Tucson Museum of Art, where we viewed a private collection of Ansel Adams photos.

** Arizona-Sonora Desert Museum.  A world class zoo, natural history museum and botanical garden.  We took in the afternoon raptor exhibit, with Harris Hawks flying so low overhead you could reach out and touch them, at the risk of losing a piece of finger.  Click here for pictures

** Avatar.  I saw this movie alone, then again with Jenna.  The second time, I realized why certain conservative commentators have turned apoplectic with rage over the liberal biases in this movie:
1. If you take off the 3D glasses, squint, and blink rapidly, you will eventually see the subliminal message, "Democrats are cool!"
2 The Na'vi rode steeds similar to donkeys.
3 Like the Na'vi, Barak Obama is tall.

For those worried that we are suffering in another GFD [Click here for explanation], here are some pictures of the desert from our site. Click here for pictures .  It ain't Yuma, baby!