Monday, December 26, 2011

Sign of the Times in Tucson

No Peeing in the Alley!

Don't make me tell you again.

Sunday, December 18, 2011

Tucson, Our Winter Roost

We be roostin'. Regular readers with nothin' else to do know that we like Tucson in the winter. Lush desert, abundant culture, great Jewish kosher deli, not much wind.

But nix the wind comment right now. Since our arrival two weeks ago, we have endured wind or rain almost every day. As if it followed us from Death Valley.

Thus we have only ventured out coupla times so far. First evening, we headed straight for our other favorite restaurant, Tiny's, the local cowboy bar. Gimme those pork ribs and beer! Aaaah!!

A few day ago, we drove to central Tucson for some hunting and gathering. Stopped at the aforementioned deli for corned beef and pastrami. No beer. And we also dropped by the Pima County Democratic HQ to volunteer our immense talking and typing talents for the Obama campaign. They gave us a week to learn Spanish. No hay problema!, as long as we have Google Translate.

We are also happy to see our several RV friends whom we met at this park last year. Even a couple we met at an RV park in Astoria, Oregon this past Spring. We told them about this place and now they are parked right across the way.

Stay tuned for something interesting.


Monday, December 5, 2011

The Road to Tucson

From Death Valley, we drive to Laughlin, Nevada, a casino town. Steve and Sandy lead us to a casino RV park. The casinos are a shock of sorts after a week in the remote desert and months in the hills of Park Sierra. But we keep our tongues in our mouths, except when we feast at a casino buffet.

The next day we attempt to drive through Las Vegas. The city highways are a mass of construction and detours. Immediately we find ourselves heading north rather than east. We drive our RVs down the Strip.
Pass an Occupy Las Vegas encampment. [Sandy takes the pictures. I am busy avoiding gamblers on cell phones.]
Eventually we regain the highway.

We reach Quartzsite, AZ by nightfall and park in a free BLM desert campground. Then part company with our friends, who will remain in Q for another day or two.

The next day we reach our chosen campground in Tucson, where we will spend the winter. We consider this our yearly vacation after three months of host work in state parks this summer, as well as working at Park Sierra during Spring and Fall. In Tucson we have no responsibilities.


Friday, December 2, 2011

Death Valley Adventures Part 2

The construction continues for three days. Bruce writes a long letter to the National Park Service, to send when we return to civilization. We feel better.

We stay for five days all together. All four of us visit many outstanding sights, particularly Badwater Basin
and Zabriske Point.

Dry camping proved easy with proper use of our water and free electricity from the sun.