Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Out for a Sail

Today we went a'sailing off the coast of Orcas Island on a 33 feet long sloop.

Six of us plus the Captain.  The weather gradually turned clear and sunny.

That's not us.  Just some other guy in a much bigger boat.  I think it's called a sailboat too.  The bow is on the right.  His sails are too short for the mast.  Musta got 'em on sale [Hahaha!!].

OK, one more pic.
We had a lovely time on the water and met a couple from Texas fleeing the blasted heat for a short while.  Fellow Texans foolishly living in Texas this time of year.

Blue water, fresh breeze.  No sharks, no pirates.  Perfect.

Sunday, August 21, 2011

Nothing to Report. It's an Island after all.

What's there to say of late?  Well, nothing actually.  We sit outside to watch the chickens and deer in the meadow, and reflect on the quiet life.  Given the hot air in the other Washington and the heat wave throughout the country, we think we have it pretty good.

Some days we work at the Friends Gift Shop.  Some days not.  Bruce works on the Friends's new computer and the Gift Shop cash register.  Jenna works on necklaces to sell at the shop.

In a few days, we'll go kayaking around the island.  Next week we'll spend a few hours on a sailboat.

We plan to leave our assignment after Labor Day, on September 8.  See a few friends in western Washington, then on to the Oregon coast, where we will wait out the heat in California.

If you have any ideas on activities for us, please send them our way.  But remember to add postage for the high cost of shipping things out here.