Saturday, April 30, 2011

On the Road Again

We've worked the last few days preparing to spend five months on the road.  Worked ourselves so hard that we have delayed our departure one day. 

No need to hurry.  And this is the nicest time of the year at Park Sierra.  Fragrant lilacs, blooming flowers.  Called the Yellow Season, because of all the pollen in the air.  Aaachoo!

Black tank repair worked out well.  Two 6 hour days crawling around on our backs with drills and screwdrivers and staple guns.  Appears successful.  We will test the work shortly.

In honor of our trip, a song [of course]. 

To the tune of "Born to be Wild."

Get that big rig runnin',
Head out to the campground,
Looking for a good spot,
Better get out of my way.

I want me that 50 amp service,
Sure need me some wifi near,
A pool and a sauna for sure,
Plus good food and beer.

I like all the birdies,
See my cat ahunting,
Let my dog out on the beach,
Pooping where he wants to go.

I want me that water and sewer,
And always cell service see,
A long pull thru that's for real sure,
And I want it for free.

I like smoking turkeys,
Build a great big fire,
Leave it burning when I go,
Do what I desire.

Run my truck up and down the whole beach,
Like a big NASCAR race,
Fire all of my guns in the woods,
Get in everyone's face.

I'm a true nature's child,
I was born, born to be wild,
I sure live so high,
Never want to cry.

Not Bruce

Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Stage Coach Daze 2011 at Park of the Sierras

Last weekend, the park held our big fund raiser of the year.  Stage Coach Daze.  Almost 300 people, including about 50 guests, attended four days of fun, food, and general geezer fun.  Many hands worked for months to plan and implement this event.

Bruce acted in the traditional melodrama, as John Trueheart, a dumb kid aspiring to earn a scholarship to Harvard.  While the landlady conspired to evict the family from their home, trying to force John to compromise his [dumb] principles.  You had to be there.

Jenna and friends spontaneously created the John Trueheart Fan Club, waving signs and trying to tempt John into sin.  Unfortunately sin was not in the script.

Bruce also played a part as sheriff during the festival, arresting anyone seen without a name tag, or for any other reason he chose.

And played the part of a horse in a horse race.

Jenna sold tickets to one of several raffles.

She also sold her beadwork and held a workshop on making jewelry.

And you wonder if we are having fun.

We plan to depart on May 1.  Head up the California coast a ways, then inland.  THen somethin' somethin'.  Eventually land in Ashland, Oregon to see some live theatre before arriving to volunteer at the first of two Oregon state park for the summer.


PS Thanks to Lorna for these pictures.

Friday, April 8, 2011

Speedy Alka-Seltzer Anew

Readers of a certain age (old) will recall Speedy Alka-Seltzer singing this jingle.
Youtube video

Plop, plop,
Fizz, Fizz,
Oh what a relief it is.

Now change just one letter
Plop, plop,
Wizz, wizz,
Oh what a relief it is.

Different ending.