Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Fixie fixie? Fixie!!

Today I finally finished fixing the accursed hydraulic system. 

Technician had already replaced the entire main pump and valve system.  Today I checked the ground wire and replaced an additional control valve for one jack.  No more problem with jacks and slides moving on their own!!

We can now move...onto our next set of repairs.  But those are minor by comparison and have obvious answers.

Thanks to all who offered advice.  We shall not forget you, cause we will undoubtedly need help again.


Monday, January 24, 2011

Fixie fixie? No fixie

So the long awaited day arrived.  Local RV technician installed a completely new hydraulic pump, with hoses and wires everywhere.  Very impressive, but ultimately futile.  No change in problem.  Slides and jacks moving on their own without specific instruction.

And so we remain fixed to our spot, waiting for further instructions.  It's a nice spot tho.  Easy living, beautiful surroundings, good friends. 

Could be worse.  We know worse.  The first time our hydraulic system failed a few months ago, we were 40 miles into the Yukon wilderness.  Tucson is better.


Saturday, January 22, 2011

Officially Retired Now

Today I reached age 62.  The great SSA now allows me to collect an early social security retirement check.


I have a friend who eats bacon only on his birthday.  One pound of bacon only on his birthday.   Now that's a tradition.

Let the discounts begin.

And send presents.  No Metamucil.


Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Sonora Desert Museum and Mt. Lemon

We returned to the Desert Museum for another dose of flora and fauna in this beautiful desert, along with friends from the park.  This time we arrived early enough to see the morning raptor free flight exhibition. 

 Horned Owl

Chihuahuan Raven at Desert Museum

 Parrot at Sonora Desert Museum

Another day, we also drove up the Mt. Lemon road, starting at 2,800' and reaching 8,000'.  As we climbed, we could see an everchanging view of the Tucson valley.  At 7,000', snow covered the ground up to the road, and children played on sleds and discs.


Sunday, January 16, 2011

Back To Tubac and Other Activites

We returned to the art shops of Tubac, site of last year's star crossed attempts to decorate our living space.  No more success this year.  Comes from too little surface areas to cover and even less wall space.  We were tempted by a copper javalina yard ornament that looked like a dog.  But even the head bobbing on a  Guess we'll live for another year with wallpaper you'd find in a prison time-out room.

What else?  Saw a comedy show "My Mother's Italien, My Father's Jewish, and I'm In Therapy."  Really.  Went to our favorite Jewish Deli again, The Fifth Street Deli,  for corned beef and pastrami sandwiches, this time with a group of friends here in the park.

And started making plans for the next two months.  Assuming success in our hydraulic jack repairs, we depart Tucson on February 5.  Drive north and west past Phoenix and Quartzsite, then turn north along the Colorado River to Lake Havasu, which we have not seen before.

Then maybe return to Death Valley National Park for a time.  Possibly squeeze in a side trip to Morro Bay before returning to Park Sierra in early March.

Let us know if you're in the neighborhood.


Friday, January 7, 2011

When Can We Possibly Leave?

More work today on our misbehaving hydraulic system. 

Technician worked with a factory engineer on the phone to determine the source of the problem as the main pump (we hope).  Now we wait for the factory to make a replacement pump and ship it here. 

We hope the new pump will work, and will work in time for our intended departure in early February.  Otherwise, we must remain to sort this out.  We can't risk this problem worsening, possibly failing in an inconvenient location.  Like Death Valley.

Best not to follow us too closely.  You don't want to waste your time dodging parts falling off our RV.


Kitt Peak National Observatory

Two friends, Larry and Doug, and I attended the Nightly Observing Program at Kitt Peak National Observatory southwest of Tucson. 

After enjoying a beautiful Arizona sunset,
we scampered off to the Visitors Center for several hours of education, including views through a .5 meter telescope.  We saw Jupiter and two of her moons, our own moon, a globular cluster of stars, a spiral nebula, and other far away stuff I can't now recall.  Plus learned to use a star wheel to identify visible stars throughout the year.  And peered through night time binoculars.  A good time was had by us.

A few of the twenty-four optical and two radio telescopes.