Sunday, April 22, 2012

New Homeowners Stuff

We have spent the past two weeks fixin' up and adding stuff to our new house.  Haunting second hand furniture shops and hardware stores.  Goodwill and other thrift stores.  Both giving and receiving. 

We donated carloads of decorative bird houses and artificial flowers.  And duplicate appliances that also came with the house.

I have already crawled under the house to run additional phone wiring.  And on the roof to inspect and patch the shingles.  The difference here is fixing once and moving on.  Unlike the RV, when I fixed something, then moved the RV and fixed it or something else again.  No springs or axles or tires under this house.  No antennas and moving rooms to maintain from above either.  An easier life in so many ways.  Did I mention the dishwasher?

Two weeks till we wing our way to the Land of Enchantment. Ireland, not New Mexico. 

Must buy some green socks.  And find a T shirt that reads, "Kiss Me, I'm Jewish."


Monday, April 9, 2012

New Plans

We kinda ran out of things to say and do here in the United States.  We reported on the West and Alaska.  The rest of the country was just too flat.  So we settled down. 

Yet our demanding reader will not be denied.  So we decided to take this blog [and us] to Ireland in early May. 

Yes, Ireland, the country.

Clancy thinks he will accompany us, forgetting we named him after an Australian literary character, not an Irish rover.  Clancy stays home. 

[Oh, man.  I can just envision taking this dog through security.  Barking and squealing at the TSA agents.  Who apparently receive incentive pay based on their lack of humor.  Clancy stays home.]

We have not flown in ten years.  We understand that the air travel experience has changed.  We will reveal our findings here.

Expect pictures of green.  And of beer.