Friday, September 30, 2011

What's That Up in the Road? A Head?


Seen along highway 101 south, north of Brookings, OR.

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Bruce and All His Bones [For Now]

Sunday, September 25, 2011

Gold Beach, OR

We have returned to Irelands Ocean RV Park in Gold Beach, OR.  Been two years since our last time here.  Picture a small RV park about 10 foot above sea level nd 100 feet from the beach. 
  • Hear the ocean waves crashing.
  • Smell the sea mist all around.
  • Assemble a tsunami emergency kit.

And Clancy.  He so enjoys running around in circles on the beach, unfettered by the short leash I use on him. Running up to strangers, leaping into the air, squealing madly.  Dog life is good. 

In return, now he sometimes comes to me when I call him.  Almost like a regular dog.  Certainly like a terrier.

Today we walked under the Isaac Lee Patterson Bridge, which spans the Rogue River at the north end of town.  Yet another Art Deco style public works project of the WPA.  Would that we could put forth such an effort today to improve our national infrastructure, rather than just the bottom lines of banks and Wall Street firms.

A detail


Saturday, September 24, 2011

Chapter 9 Escapees Rally in Lakeside, OR

The latest repairs on our hydraulic system turned out as a minor adjustment to the control valves.  Hopefully we will see no more problems with that system.  Now just relatively minor problems to attend to, like a leaking water heater and a malfunctioning water pump.

This week, we dropped in on an Escapees chapter rally in Lakeside, a scant 30 miles south of Florence.  I'll make it short, cause it was.  The rally lasted three days.  Jenna already felt ill before we arrived, and felt no better during the rally.  Bruce started feeling puny towards the end too.  Thus we really didn't participate in the rally much at all.

This chapter is based in the Escapees park in Sutherlin Oregon, the only park in the state.  Similarly governed as a coop.  We have visited there twice in the past four years, each time just for a few day.



Saturday, September 17, 2011

On Vacation, But Need Repairs

From Astoria, we moved on to Florence, OR.  In the past, we have not stopped here.  But we've scheduled further repairs on our hydraulic system with a fella in town.  The hydraulics work OK now, but not 100%.  Maybe this guy can fix it completely.

Friends Toni and Doug told us about Harbor Vista County Park here in Florence.  Indeed it is lovely here, with sites surrounded by tall huckleberry and rhododendron bushes.  Even tho the ocean is 3/4 miles away, you can hear the surf and the foghorn all day long.  Serene.

As one who grew up at the Jersey shore, Jenna always says, "You know you're on vacation when you have sand in your bed."


Tuesday, September 13, 2011

The Fur Flies at Fort Stevens State Park

We returned to Fort Stevens State Park for a few days.  We like this park a lot, and know it well, having spent three months working here in 2009.

Different groups put on reenactments in the the historical area of the Park.  In 2009, we worked at a reenactment of the WWII Allied landing at Normandy Beach.

This time we saw a fur traders' encampment, commemorating the first permanent American settlement in the Pacific NW in 1811.  Men and women dressed authentically and worked at crafts of the time, such as blacksmithing, bead trading, wood working, and gun smithing.  A very colorful event.

OK, OK.  I was too tired to take more pictures.   We had hiked almost three miles to get there.  All I could think about was the three miles back!  And that our fool dog would immediately want to play ball upon setting paw back in the RV.  Which he did.


Thursday, September 8, 2011

Off the Island

Today we departed Moran State Park and Orcas Island.  Back to Terra Attacha.  Never noticed the feeling of being surrounded by all this land.  Hemmed in!

And all these people!!  Where did they come from?  [Don't answer that!  I took Phys Ed too.]

From here, we drop by Sedro-Woolley, know locally at Woolley [ha ha!], to visit friends.  Then on to visit more friends in Olympia before turning south and west to the Oregon coast for the remainder of the month, awaiting the return of Fall to Park Sierra.


Saturday, September 3, 2011

Jenna Hikes with Two Poles

Today we hiked around Mountain Lake here at Moran State Park. 
Mountain Lake link

You could not find a more beautiful scene, with pure clear water sparkling in the sun, three small islands dotting the surface, chipmunks chattering and fish splashing, and us sauntering amidst pines and spruce trees in sunlight and shade.

Jenna used her new hiking poles for the first time on a long hike.  Not bad for a senior citizen only two years in remission from lymphoma.