Tuesday, May 26, 2009

The Most Beautiful Place in the World

Today we passed through Port Orford Oregon. And sat a while before the most beautiful vista in the world. None could be finer. Even in Carolina.

Just to prove our contention, we offer this poll for your voting pleasure.

A. The Port Orford vista is the most beautiful in the world.
B. I can't think of another scene more beautiful than this one in Port Orford.
C. My mother wears tennis shoes.
D. Items A and B.
E. Item C. Careful now!

Send your votes to this blog via comments. If necessary, a biased result will be published at an opportune time.


Monday, May 25, 2009

Gold Beach, CA. The shore at last

Today we reached Gold Beach, CA. At last the Pacific Ocean. We haven't seen an ocean in over a year.

We stopped south of Gold Beach for a break. And saw these delightful creatures on two docks in the bay. The two fellas standing were fending off a third in the water, who was trying to hop on the dock. No such luck.

Wanna see 'em in action?

Just like us, only they don't pull guns.


Saturday, May 23, 2009

California Redwood Forest

We camped south of Garberville, CA for two nights, fulfilling our long held wish to return to the Redwood Forest.
Highway entering Garberville.

Today we spent the day driving and walking among the trees. Following the Avenue of the Giants. And walking in Founders Grove, with some of the biggest trees… the oldest living inhabitants of this planet.
Stump of fallen redwood tree.

Field of clover.

Chimeras in the forest.

Monster in the stump.

One giant, estimated at one million pounds, fell to earth, making a sound heard a mile away. That person thought a train had crashed.

The next day, we continued to drive through the Redwood Forest on our way north, but did not stop.


Thursday, May 21, 2009

Williams, CA RV continued

Evening fell and we enjoyed a beautiful sunset from our dining room window.
We left the next day.


Today we made our escape from the mad heat wave that has hit California early. Well, actually we made progress on our escape. Drove 240 miles, a lot for us, to Williams, CA. Where we took shelter from 90 degrees in the afternoon. Waah!

Tomorrow afternoon, we reach the Redwood Forest, where temps should only climb to 76 degrees. Better!! Watch this space for pictures of big tree trunks.

Remember our last trip to Garberville, wherein we fled from the Redwoods ahead of a BIG rain and wind storm? We hope to enjoy a placid two days among the Giants this time.


Sunday, May 17, 2009

Too Darn Hot!

Two days now of 100+ degrees here at 1,800 ft elevation. Help me! 85 degrees is the melting point for people from the Pacific Northwest. As soon as Jenna finishes her last treatment on Tuesday, we're outta here!!

We have received a lot of email lately, asking for pictures of Clancy. (Well, actually just one email from a cell phone salesman who read the blog. We told him that Clancy is too young for his own phone.)

So these are for Clancy's new friend in Dehli. (You can double click to enlarge a picture.)


Let sleeping dogs lie.

Two cuties.

Friday, May 8, 2009

Scratch that Hitch

Long time readers ( > 2 weeks ) know the meaning of hitch itch. Those who don't - READ UP! Hitch Itch post

Got it again. This Park Sierra - very nice. We continue to enjoy. And we've risen to number 30 on the waiting list. Much faster than we anticipated. Maybe we will obtain a lot upon our return in late fall.

Yet we hanker to move on. Particularly to our long anticipated first volunteer job on the Oregon coast, at Fort Stevens in Astoria OR. Summer plans

We depart in 13 days. HURRY UP!!!