Sunday, December 2, 2012

A Christmas Song for Clancy

To the tune of Winter Wonderland

Clancy squeals, can't help listenin',
In the house, or outside pissin',
A beautiful day,
But when he has a say,
You're walking in a Clancy Barking Land.

Later on, when he's eating,
He will bark a thankful greeting,
Because he surely knows,
He'll soon 'nuf need to go(s),
Out to play in Clancy Barking Land.

In the meadow he can leave a big load,
Turn the grass from green to darker brown,
If you ask if he's done, he'll say "No, Man."
"I'm holding off until we go to town."

So it goes, with a terrier,
In the mouth, and out the derriere,
It's input all the day,
Then output and some play,
Walking in a Clancy Wonder Land.

Thanks to Steve for inspiration.  And Clancy too.