Monday, February 28, 2011

Self Fulfilling Prophecy

In the last post, I warned readers of the futility of reading this blog for words of enlightenment. Or even value for time expended.

Not one reader posted a comment. Apparently they had already reached this conclusion. Nirvana at last.

Farewell, good friends. Enjoy the rewards of watching Fox News.


Thursday, February 24, 2011

Another Apology. Another Clancy Song

One week now back in Park Sierra, our home away from traveling.  Only about half the members are here now, many of them full time residents.  Others will return in the next month or so.  We're just getting settled in, catching up on tasks and maintenance we've put off till our return.  Haven't started our visits to doctors yet, but that will start soon enough.

Of late, a few people we have met in our travels have expressed interest in reading this blog.  Apparently they think they will learn something of interest, that their time will be well spent.  They could not believe that we would make all this effort for so little result.  Some people take a lot of convincing. 

Now that you are reading, you understand.  What can we say to comfort you? 

"At least you're not watching television."

That's it.  It doesn't get any better.  Other than the occasional picture of our dog, Clancy. 

Speaking of whom, here's another brief dog ditty.
To the tune of Lookin' for Love in All the Wrong Places

 I was looking for food in all the wrong places,
  Licking the lips of too many faces.
Searching your thighs, looking for traces,
  Of what I'm dreaming of.
Hopin' to find a steak or a muffin,
  Dog bless the day I find stuffin',
Need another nose, for lookin' for food.

The Aforementioned Dog

The actual song here


Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Death Valley Plans DOA

Yesterday we drove up to Inyokern, CA, with plans to enter Death Valley National Park today.  Started out this AM only to find a winter storm joining us.  Serious winds, with snow and rain just behind.  Ever read about warnings for drivers of High Profile Vehicles?  That's us.

We turned around.  Returned to our nice enough country park.  Tomorrow we hope to make a run for home in between snow storms. 

We normally travel through the Tehachapi Pass, a 4,000' high slot in the Sierra Mountains.  Not this time.  We'll drive 25 miles south and try to head west at a lower elevation.

Likewise nix the plans for Morro Bay on the California coast.  We'll hunker down at Park Sierra, if we can get there.

Shoulda stayed in Tucson.  In hindsight, dang it.  Still, while three big winter storms roar through much of the country this winter, we wore suntan lotion in 70 degrees desert.  We'll live.


Saturday, February 12, 2011

Lake Havasu City, AZ

This city sounds familiar, doesn't it?  Some years ago, a guy moved the famed London Bridge to Lake Havasu City.  Those crazy Arizonans.  Well, must admit it did prompt us to visit.  And a lot of others too.

We saw a radio controlled boat race next to the Bridge.

Just to prove we were still in Arizona, a picture of friend Steve.

Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Surprise! Faux skydiving!!

Today Tucson friends and I went flying in a skydiving wind tunnel in Eloy, AZ at Skydiveventureaz.

We had BIG FUN flying and flailing around with an instructor to guide and control us.
My experience making about 250 free fall jumps from 1973 to about 2005 didn't help at all.  I was clearly out of practice.  But also, flying in a confined space is a lot harder than in open sky.  Tho this didn't seem to bother the two teams we watched in the trainer after our time.

The surprise is that I have no pictures right now.  We purchased a video from the center, and I must wait a month for my copy in the mail.

Breathe in.  Hold it.


Tucson Departure

For two days and nights, we camped outside of this fiberglass repair facility.   You see why we enjoy this life so much!

Today we take our leave of Tucson, after two months of fun, sun, and friendship. 

Watch this space for a surprise activity!  Ha ha!!


Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Tucson in Twilight

You step into a restaurant.  Everything seems normal.
Couples laughing.
Families eating.
Couples eating families.
Little do you know what awaits you...when nature calls. 

You get up.  You walk down the hall.  You about to enter...The Bathroom Zone." 

Do do do do, do do do do.

I am not making this up [for a change].

So I open the door to the Men's Room and hear a woman's voice.  Whaaa?  Did I get it wrong?

Oh wait.  It's just a loud overhead speaker with a woman singing some mindless song.

I go over to the urinal, get to my business, and what does she start singing?
"Oh, it's so nice being here with you."

Now I understand why Arizonans carry weapons in public.