Friday, October 28, 2011

Doubts Dashed

Apparently some doubt that one can tow an RV with a Buick.

I'll go you one better.

Behold! Click here


Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Caveat Lector

A problem has come to my attention. 

Certain unnamed readers, well only one actually [Tom!], inexplicably believed the two most recent posts about acquiring a new tow vehicle, AKA the Buick.  Irrationally thought I was writing an honest thoughtful post about our lives.

I don't recall ever promising any degree of accuracy in this blog.  In fact I conducted my own review of entries and found fewer than 50% with any credibility at all.  Fewer, meaning maybe far less than 50%.

I think an apology is in order.

I'm waiting.....


PS The truck was in the shop.

Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Return of the One Ton

We decided not to keep the Buick after all.

It's too small.  Not imposing enough.  I had to wait to make left turns at traffic lights and lost fights for parking spaces.  Faced with a one ton dually truck, they all move aside.

And too many people insisted on washing the car windshield.  These guys could never reach the windshield on the truck.   Costs went up as they demanded payment for unrequested services rendered.  Cheaper to drive the truck.

I guess a car just isn't practical.  Maybe I should compromise on a Hummer.  With 50 cal machine guns, just as it was designed.  No one will approach those windows!


Sunday, October 16, 2011

New Tow vehicle

After five years of driving that one ton Ford truck, we just purchased a new tow vehicle.
This baby is comfortable, yet still does the job.
Stylish too, even matches the trailer.

Open the trunk when you want to move the RV.

Close up and it looks like any other luxury sedan.

Wait, there's more!   We have so much spare power that we can pull our golf cart too.  I know that double towing is not legal is all 50 states.  But who cares when you're driving a Buick! 
"That's all right, officer.  Send the ticket to GM."

Motor home owners always act so smug driving their little Jeeps around town.
In...your...face!!!  Hahahaha!


Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Return to the Collective

We returned to Park Sierra after watching the hot weather fade via a weather website.  Two days after our arrival, the temperature only rose to 58 degrees.  One week prior, it reached 95 degrees.  Life is timing.

Now we can enjoy a rest from five months of travel through California, the Oregon Cascades, up to the San Juan Islands, and down the Oregon Coast.  Good to hit the road, good to stop for a while.  Give us a month or so and we'll get the itch to travel again.

After some doctoring over the next few weeks and attending the community annual meeting, we coast into Thanksgiving.  Then we expect to turn south for the winter in Tucson.

Don't know what we did to deserve this life.  Still trading on our good looks and suavity.


Monday, October 3, 2011

Insulated Window Shopping

Today we looked at new trailers at Toscano's RVs in Los Banos CA.  [No jokes please.  I've already made them.]

We do not plan to replace our current RV. Tho Lord knows, as well as long time readers of this blog, that we have been provoked on numerous occasions.  At this point, we have fixed all the serious problems with our RV, and only face the normal pesty maintenance of any other afflicted RV owner.

Rather we are looking at the market in case we must suddenly buy a new one.  Such as after a serious accident, natural disaster, or party of geezers gone wild.  That kinda thing.

So we looked at Carriage Cameos and a Redwood fifth wheel.  They did not sell any Excels, our current trailer.  We left impressed with improvements in the past four years, such as LED lighting, thin screen TVs on the walls, and longer model names.  But nothing to convince us to upgrade.  The sales tax alone would cover a lot of improvements and repairs on our current trailer, let alone the depreciation on a new model.

We went home and had our carpet cleaned.  All better now!