Saturday, August 30, 2008


Gee, not one post in 104 about food. Certainly doesn’t truly represent our interests. Herein we set the record straight.

You like turkey? We like turkey. Only the best at O’Brien’s Turkey House at the Arlington exit of I5 in WA. We often stop there on the way home to from Seattle. Need proof? Witness our latest meal today.

The stage is set. So is the table.

Chemotherapy has not affected her appetite.
No, that’s not a club. It’s a drum stick.

Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Buzz cut for cancer treatment

Jenna prepares for no-hair style by allowing Bruce to have his way with her.


The Demon Barber of Lake Tyee.



Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Hair today, gone tomorrow

Suddenly today, Jenna’s hair is falling out. Bamm! Bunches of hair falling to her blouse and the couch. Fortunately, she has been reading about wigs for weeks. And bought a few head covers already.

Good news, actually. Means the cancer treatment is working. It attacks fast growing cells, including hair cells.

Bruce tells her, “You’re just catching up to me. I’ve lived with this for 40 years.” She is amused.

Jenna says, “As soon as Denby leaves and takes his shedding with him, I start shedding.” Bruce is amused.

We are easily amused.

Other than side effects, Jenna feels better than before treatment began. Better than amusing.

PS Denby returns to his breeder in three days. We broke the news to him tonight. He is not amused.

Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Blogging for MySpace

We have 0 MySpace friends.
We prefer our corporeal friends.

About Us
Want a scoop?
...We think of poop.
Cause we RV
...And so you see.
What goes out, we

can’t recoup
...In a normal septic loop

Our Music
** Nothin, cause we don’t have room for CDs and get no radio reception out in the boonies.

** We usta like the Rolling Stones. But yesterday we heard their music in the ceiling of Walgreens Pharmacy. They once took drugs. Now they market Metamucil.

Our Books
Medicare Benefits Summary

- How To Grow Your Portfolio Into Three Figures

- Clean Your Septic Tank for Less Than $5 a Day

Our Philosophy
We’re retired. We don’t change our clothes every day. (Bruce only)

I’ll give you my social security card when you take it from my cold wizened hands.

Thursday, August 14, 2008

Denby’s imminent departure

Sorry to say it’s time for Denby to move to another home. Why, you say? Guess you’ve never lived with a majorly shedding dog in a very small space. We have for a year now.
Except that now Jenna has started chemotherapy.
  • Which depletes her immune system.
  • Which leaves her highly susceptible to infections.
  • Which requires a high state of cleanliness.
  • Which conflicts with a dog that constantly sheds and brings in much dirt on his low slung body, not to mention other substances that he should have left outside (you know).

I vacuum every other day. Jenna brushes him every other day. But the dirt and hair never end.

We have lived with dogs, mostly Corgis, for 29 of our 30 year marriage. And Jenna started with Corgis in the BB time (Before Bruce). We don’t take this step lightly. But risk is composed of probability times impact. Not much chance, but potentially big impact.

We gotta get clean. If we lived in a conventional house with some property, like our last one, we could ban Denby from our residence for the duration of the risky time - at least four months. But with this RV - nope.

So we plan to return him to Mary Day, his breeder, who doubles as the leader of the NW Corgi Rescue Association. She will find another good home for him.

Sad to say. But life is change. Here’s comes another one.


Monday, August 11, 2008

Cancer treatment progress 2

Four days now and all’s OK. Jenna is tolerating the numerous chemicals that she and others have poured into her body. Some discomfort here and there, not necessarily discussed in polite company. But she actually looks and feels better since beginning the doses.

We are content. Tho she knows that side effects often build up during weeks of treatment. She is crossing her lymph nodes.


Wednesday, August 6, 2008

Cancer treatment progress

Today Jenna completed preparation for chemotherapy, which begins on Friday. In the AM, a surgeon installed a Power Portocat in her shoulder.

Then that afternoon came a bone marrow biopsy to help guide treatment. Both procedures went well with minimal discomfort.

Jenna’s oncologist says that she should complete 12 weeks of weekly treatment, then undergo a PET scan to evaluate her progress. If NG, then an additional 4 weeks of chemotherapy.

Thus we will remain at Lake Tyee until about November 1. Unless our lot sells. Or the famous NW rain starts. Then we will move closer to Seattle till the end of treatment.

We still intend to return to Imperial Dam for the winter, and hopefully some time in Mexico. And gather more grist for this blog. Right now the Pulitzer committee is looking elsewhere.

And what’s new with you?