Monday, July 28, 2008

Cancer treatment at last

Six years ago, Jenna was diagnosed with stage 3 NH lymphoma. She embarked on a nontraditional treatment program and remained relatively symptom free.

Until the past few months. Last week she received the results of radiology studies that show that the lymphoma has progressed.

Which means that she will start medical treatment soon. Likely next week. Good prognosis for remission, according to her doctor.

We will remain at Lake Tyee during her 4-6 week treatment period. If we sell the lot, then we will move some south, closer to her treatment center in Seattle.

Our plans after that depend on her recovery. We had intended to work at the Fort Clatsop Visitors Center in Astoria, OR. If Jenna feels well enough to go there and does not need direct followup in Seattle, then we could move to Astoria and Bruce could work at the Fort Clatsop. Otherwise…dunno. Gotta go with what you’re given, you betcha.

Thanks to everyone who has offered us emotional and moral support over these past six years.

Saturday, July 26, 2008

Concrete Flyin

Big fun was had by all at the annual Flyin at the Concrete airport this weekend. Antique airplanes, experimental airplanes, ultralights, even antique cars. All assembled and flying (not the cars) at this small municipal grass field. To wit:

Waco YMF 1935 biplane

Squadron of experimental airplanes

Acrobatics by the experimental airplanes.

Friday, July 25, 2008

Too long without news

Gee, 12 days without a post. What is the matter here?

Well, nothing, actually. Not much goin’ on. Still haven’t sold the Lake Tyee lot, tho we heard second hand that a Canadian couple has showed some interest. Thank God for the Canadians. Their dollar is worth more than ours, well almost. Heck, too many currencies are creeping up, or actually we are creeping down. But I digress…as usual.

In the mean time, we are looking for a new domicile. No, we’re not seeking "a thrash metal band from Manchester, England," whatever that it is. Rather, when we sell our Lake Tyee lot, we can no longer register our truck and trailer with the Dept of Licensing. Washington law requires a physical address, which we will not possess.

Thus we must find a new state to call our legal home. Fulltimers and others favor Texas and South Dakota, two of the few states with no income tax and other advantages for the domestically mobile. Since we intend to spend our winters in the South, Texas may win out.

Who knows, we may become Texas Democrats. In other words, Republicans. And paint NASCAR racing stripes on our trailer. Ha ha ha!

Y’all take care now.


Sunday, July 13, 2008

Got the goods at last

We just purchased a new camera, just to take better pictures for this blog.

You’re welcome.

Here’s a self portrait of the camera.








And, as luck would have it, my first picture with the camera.








A bald eagle perched in the tree within sight of our Lake Tyee lot.

As a result, I have raised the price of the lot another $10,000. But readers of this blog can purchase it at the Before Bald Eagle price. Offer good until it sells.

Just mention that you read about this special on the blog.
Or that you can read at all.
Or that you can breathe.
And have the money.

Know what I mean?


Wednesday, July 9, 2008

San Juan Islands with the sister

Jenna’s sister Pat is paying us a visit this week. Fleeing from North Carolina’s 95 degree heat for compatible company in the cool Cascade mountains. We celebrated with a cruise thru the San Juan islands on a WA state ferry.

Those of you unfamiliar with the delights of western WA may not know that the WA state ferries attract many tourists and locals with their low cost sailings thru the Puget Sound region. (In fact, the ferries are reportedly considered the most popular tourist attraction in Seattle.)

Puget Sound, on which Seattle perches, is (maybe) the largest inland sea in the world. The San Juan Islands to the north host Orca whales and other dolphins, as well as a plethora of sea and land birds, including bald and other geriatric eagles. Which we did not see during our tour today.

So we boarded the ferry at Anacortes WA for a 65 minute sail to Friday Harbor on San Juan Island. Walked about the downtown area, taking in gift shops and fish and chips. Basked in the cool bright day on the water. Then boarded a returning ferry for another delightful sail through the islands and back to the mainland.

By the way, we have reestablished our online connection. But only by purchasing a Sprint Aircard as another connection. Fortunately we can suspend this service alternately with our Hughes service, thus eliminating double service. Nothing is simple for us nomads.
From syndicated columnist Vicki Lee Parker’s “gas saving tips” comes this advice: “Avoid backing up; it uses more fuel.” Ha ha ha! Don’t even think about the higher cost of driving home in Reverse gear than in Drive. I figure she meant that backing up means you cover the same ground in a forward gear, wasting precious gasoline. Send Comments on your interpretation, titled “What was she thinking? Or was she?”


Wednesday, July 2, 2008

Sort of off-line for the summer

Despite Herculean efforts to establish a satellite Internet connection from our trailer, we are now limited to connecting via our local library and unsuspecting motels. Which will mean twice weekly emails and hopefully the same schedule for blog updates.

We decided to try to sell our lot in Lake Tyee. The only way to mitigate the rapidly rising price of diesel fuel is to use less of it. (See, by not working now, we have time to figure this stuff out.) Driving between the northern border of the country (Lake Tyee) and the southern border (AZ and Mexico) at 10mpg can hurt a person.

We must all sacrifice so that Exxon and the rest of them can continue to earn record profits and enjoy tax breaks. And wage war on other countries for their petroleum. Hard to see it otherwise after we found no WMDs, but our companies managed to secure exclusive contracts to the oil fields. Follow the money.