Thursday, December 25, 2008

Christmas Visitor

Them wise men in this RV?
Let’s get this pilgrimage

70 degrees, sunny and windy on Christmas Day. No Santa in sight in this restricted air space near the Yuma Proving Grounds. But last night we did enjoy the Parade of Lighted Trucks, courtesy of some local inhabitants, who drove all around the desert with lights and other festive decorations strung on their tow vehicles.

Drunk with joy of the holiday and other influences, Bruce started up both generators so Jenna could use the microwave!

Happy Holidays!!

Monday, December 22, 2008


You distract the guard!
I'll grab his cookies!!

Remember, no news is dog news.

Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Imperial Dam God Forsaken Desert at last

Today we arrived at our winter destination after eight days of driving from Olympia WA. Stayed ahead of a major cold front and snow moving down from Alaska, apparently at the direction of an embittered Sarah Palin.

“Take that, you West Coast Liberals who cost me the Presidency…ummm…Vice Presidency!! "

"Sorry John…not."

"I may forgive you Lefties by 2012.”

If you managed to avoided reading this blog for the past year, here is a brief description of Imperial Dam from a January posting

(C’mon. It’s not too long, and I don’t know any big words.)

We parked next to our friends Barb and Steve, whom we met here last year and visited in Flagstaff this past Spring. More meeting and greeting tomorrow.

Clancy met an adult Australian Terrier today...a neighbor whom we also saw last year. Sounded like they were speaking in Australian so we wouldn't understand them. (The dogs, not the neighbors.)


Sunday, December 14, 2008

Clancy Challenges The Natural Order

To the tune of Delta Dawn

Delta Dog,
Well at least you’re not a frog,
To get squished by every car that goes on by.

But if I hear you say,
You want to be Alpha Dog today,
You’ll go right down to Zeta dog, ain’t no lie.

California, Land of No Rain or Cold

We’ve reached SE California. Indio tonight. Arizona tomorrow after filling up at Costco.

We departed the Pacific NW, then northern California, just ahead of the first winter storm of the season.

No, wait. The local weather predicts cold temperatures tomorrow, down to the 60 degrees. These crazy Californians! Sixty degrees in December and they call it cold. Ha ha ha!
Jenna and friends.

Wednesday, December 10, 2008

On the Road Again. Arizona bound.

We hitched up and departed the morning after Jenna's chemotherapy for points south.

Figure three hundred miles per day, arriving at Imperial Dam AZ by 12/15/08. It’s great to be on the road again.

This evening we arrived at a park in Lakehead CA. Sunny, 63 degrees. 25% humidity outside and 50% in our trailer. We brought the rain with us – in the furniture, the walls, and us.

Hopefully when the trailer dries out, it will weigh less. Probably not us tho.


Monday, December 8, 2008

Cancer treatment completed for now

Jenna finished her last lymphoma chemotherapy today. Done for the next six months, after four months of almost weekly sessions!

No detectable cancer in her body! It’s a miracle!!

Thanks to everyone for their best wishes for her speedy recovery. Apparently it helped.

All right then. Let’s get traveling!


Tuesday, December 2, 2008

‘Nother Delay in our Departure – The Sequel

Report from cancer center.
*White blood cell numbers down.
*No chemotherapy today or surgery tomorrow, to avoid further depletion and infection.
*Reboot on Monday.

Thus we hold off another week to depart. The Arizona sun must wait for us yet again.

Your patient reporter,