Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Advice from Those Out of Power

Three days ago, we suddenly lost our electricity and cable service.  Then the Sheriff drove through, warning of a potential forest fire that would force us to evacuate.  Apparently a conflagration had erupted at the neighboring campground.  In the midst of a severe drought.

"Hey Bob.  I heard the Forest Service has warned of extreme fire danger right now.  They don't want us to burn anything at all."

"Get out of here.  I ain't listening to those extremists.  They can't take away my freedom.  I bet Obama can light a fire at the White House any time he wants.  Shoot, I saw a picture of him burning the Constitution..  He can't tell me what to do."

[True story.]

"Well, I don't know now.  Need any more gasoline?"

In a panic, we saw our possessions passing before our eyes.  As well as our insurance policies.  So we immediately starting packing up the car.

At times like these, you realize what really matters in life.  And you put it in the trunk.  As a public service, we list the contents of our vehicle, in order of priority.

1  Two six packs of Guinness beer.
2  Three T shirts each.
3  Two pairs of underwear...each.  You can rinse them out in the motel sink.
4  Our computers.
5  Clancy, his kennel, and his dog food.
6  Our own toilet seat [think motel again].
7  Motorcycle helmet, for the next bike.
8  Title to our RV.  Looked like we might need it again.
9  TV remote.  Motel6 charges extra for a remote.
10 And a partridge in a pear tree.


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palamine said...

But did you actually have to evacuate?