Wednesday, December 10, 2008

On the Road Again. Arizona bound.

We hitched up and departed the morning after Jenna's chemotherapy for points south.

Figure three hundred miles per day, arriving at Imperial Dam AZ by 12/15/08. It’s great to be on the road again.

This evening we arrived at a park in Lakehead CA. Sunny, 63 degrees. 25% humidity outside and 50% in our trailer. We brought the rain with us – in the furniture, the walls, and us.

Hopefully when the trailer dries out, it will weigh less. Probably not us tho.



Donna McNicol said...

I love reading good news...WHOO-HOO!! Sending you both big hugs...

Anonymous said...

I love the good news too, but am finding myself envious - it is so cold here - you got out just in time - Yahoooo on all counts. Read that Calif is having lots of difficult weather too, esp.the mtn passes - hope you are clear of all of them & avoiding snow and floods.

Enjoy, enjoy, enjoy! Leslie C.
ps - sorry I am always anonymous, takes too long to look up my pw and identity to log in.