Tuesday, December 2, 2008

‘Nother Delay in our Departure – The Sequel

Report from cancer center.
*White blood cell numbers down.
*No chemotherapy today or surgery tomorrow, to avoid further depletion and infection.
*Reboot on Monday.

Thus we hold off another week to depart. The Arizona sun must wait for us yet again.

Your patient reporter,

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Anonymous said...

oh bummer, bummer, bummer - so maybe in one more week? ? ? or one more 'weak' :-(
We keep counting down - only 44 more days, yea! ! ! how does one build up their white blood cells 'on demand' so to speak?
spinach? liver? noni juice? cod liver oil? or sleep, sleep, sleep.... the last one is my favorite. Hope your white cells increase nicely Jenna. Love and hugs, Leslie C.