Thursday, November 29, 2007

Another trip to a dealer

The reader starting at the most recent post is advised to ignore the first two sentences of Wednesday, November 21, 2007, i.e. We have just completed the latest repairs on our home, i.e. the BR slideout. Hopefully this one will take.

It did not take. Thus we return to our familiar routine of visiting yet another dealer service center, this one in Sacramento, once again to work on our BR slideout. (To save you more reading, the last dealer, in Eugene OR, took two runs at it. Some improvement, but still a problem.) Look for our forthcoming book, Tour of Excel Dealers on the West Coast.

We lost contact with the world for three days in Brookings OR at Harris Beach State Park. No web, no phone. This old park sits smack along the ocean, with mondo big rocks along the shoreline. Big waves crashing about them too. Denby running higgly piggly on the beach…he takes off when his pads hit sand.

But just north of the park, running day and night, is a saw mill. Crashing, beeping, trucks roaring. We couldn’t leave the BR windows open at night ‘cause of the noise. Just south of town is a pulp mill too. Ever smell the odor from a pulp mill? Yeah, you got it. Too bad. We successfully retrieved our many letters and packages from the post office and UPS. Works well so far.

Then, after a wonderful drive down the coast, we have spent an evening and full day in Eureka CA, our first stop in the Golden State. Nice liberal town, kinda like our prior hometown Olympia, WA. Many Victorian houses throughout the city. SUNSHINE! We like it. A food coop with three stores in such a small area! #1 cash crop in Humboldt County – marijuana. Kinda sets the tone here, we thinks.

But we must move on to Garberville, on schedule for repairs in Sacramento on December 4.


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