Monday, November 12, 2007

Blowin’ in the wind

See that nice picture from yesterday? Forget it. Big wind started at 6am and blew for 11 hours. Gusts to 60mph, occasional heavy rain thru constant showers. Good thing we fixed our leaky windows prior to this storm. 97 mph gust in Bellingham, not so far from our summer home in Concrete. We were cozy and warm throughout…typing, cooking, catching up on business.

Jenna’s computer hard drive has been buzzing for months now. I convinced Dell today to replace the hard drive. DHL will deliver a new one to our RV in a few days. Now this I hafta see, and maybe take a picture. Do they deliver pizza too? Maybe we can drive our diesel trucks together around the parking lot

I continue to correspond with our Mexican bound friend Gene (and Joyce) Shea (Hi Gene!) as we plan our trip South of the Border. I continue to contain my excitement…barely.

What will tomorrow bring?


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