Monday, November 5, 2007

Commerce redux

OK, so maybe not so bad. One day after I whine about trying to order my whiz bang ladder, I find it by chance in Fred Meyers. After numerous calls to hardware stores in two states along our route, I might point out…but I won’t. Life is good again. Doesn’t take much, does it?

I spent much time in the past few days making arrangements for my mother’s funeral. And additional processes wrapping up her financial and other affairs. Do you know that Social security takes back the entire month’s check when you die?!? Do they think that the family gets a refund on that month’s rent and food and medical care?

Son: My mother died this month, so I don’t expect to pay for the electricity she used for her iron lung and the DVD player.

Utility rep: Well certainly, Mr. Brod. And we’ll call the nursing home for you and make sure they don’t charge you either. Have a nice day...under the circumstances.

Who makes up these rules anyway? Remember that one earns a retirement pension. It’s not a welfare program.

I blame W. First the Iraq War, now this.


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