Sunday, November 4, 2007

Commerce OTR

Ahh, the full-timers life. Trying to get goods by mail when you don't know where you're going, let alone how long you'll stay there.

I want to buy a particular ladder to reach the top of the slides for cleaning. As well as particular Coleman camping chairs. If you want to judge a fulltimer, look at his chairs. Can't find either in stores. Can find them on .

But how do we take delivery? We don't know where we're going, other than we've never gone this way before. So how long will we stay whereever we're going when we don't know if we'll like it, whereever it is? Nor where to send whatever we want.

Last time I sent out an item, I spent hours on the phone with numerous people at Dell computers, trying to get them to send a package to a shipping store in Tillamook, OR. Only to have the store send it back because I didn't arrive earlier than I said I would. So that Dell could send it back to Tillamook where we had already left. So Tillamook could send it to Newport. Sighhh.

Maybe I could mount a stool on the roof in front of each slideout, so I could sit down when I climb up onto the roof.


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