Monday, November 19, 2007

Eugene? Eugene!

Back in Eugene. Again again.

Why? Because we like it here? No. We've not really seen Eugene, unless you count a chiropractor, a trailer court, and the back of a shed next to a 24 hour fuel depot (I didn't want to publish that picture, hoping to forget it.) Running back and forth to stores and repairs. And back and forth to Olympia for the funeral. So, no, we've not seen Eugene.

We returned again again because the newly installed satellite dish failed. Therefore we're also giving the RV dealer one more shot at fixing the slideout. Hmmmmm.

Now the alert reader may recall that we sent several packages to the post office in Brookings, our former next stop. (Actually the alert reader would be delusional, because I didn't write that in this blog.) So we must return to the coast and pick up where we left after a few more days here.

In the mean time, OR weather forcast includes rain and rain, along with freezing temps. A lot like Olympia, which we left two months and again three weeks ago. Whereas Quartzite, AZ - sunny and 75.

No pictures. You know what water looks like.

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